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General Secretary


To receive the incoming correspondence and circulate (fax) where necessary to the Chairperson, Team Managers, Club Captain etc. promptly.

To liaise with Team Managers regarding team entries in the local (WWPB) competition and advise the WWPB on number to be entered.

To reply to urgent correspondence as directed by the Executive between committee meetings.

To call meetings, supply an agenda for each committee meeting showing items for discussiom, corresondence in and out and any matters carried over from previous meetings.

To notify members of the committee of dates of meetngs at least seven days prior to date set. (Members of committee comprise of Elected Members, Team Managers, Coaches and Life Members).

To direct incoming phone enquiries to the appropriate Official.

To collect information during the year of club activities, team events and results etc. and collate the information for the presentation of the Annual Report.

To advise members of the Annual General Meeting twenty one days prior to meeting date.

To send audited copy of the Annual Report / Balance Sheet to the Justice Department.

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