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Hutt ClubLife MemberMr. Roger Robins QSM (Deceased)1990
  Mr. Knocker White (Deceased)1990
  Mrs. Shirley Barrett 1996
  Mrs. Glenis Doherty 1997
  Mrs. Evelyn Jackson (Deceased)1997
   Liz Burman 1998
   Craig McGuinness 1998
   Glenn Benge 1999
  Mrs. Cheryl McGuinness 2007
   Suzanne McGuinness 2008
  Mrs. Lindy Naylor 2015
  Mrs. Kathy Bryant 2016
  Mrs. Linda Pye 2016
 Honours AwardMrs. Shirley Barrett 1994
   Liz Burman 1995
  Mrs. Glenis Doherty 1995
  Mrs. Evelyn Jackson (Deceased)1995
   Craig McGuinness 1995
   Glenn Benge 1998
   Suzanne McGuinness 1998
  Mr. Ian Luttrell 1999
  Mrs. Cheryl McGuinness 2001
  Mr. Murray Hudson 2003
  Mrs. Lindy Naylor 2007
  Mrs. Kathy Bryant 2015
  Mrs. Linda Pye 2015
 Service AwardMr. Chris Crawford 1988
  Mrs. Shirley Barrett 1990
   Liz Burman 1990
  Mrs. Glenis Doherty 1991
  Mrs. Evelyn Jackson (Deceased)1993
   Craig McGuinness 1994
   Glenn Benge 1995
   Suzanne McGuinness 1995
   Bruce Abbott 1998
  Mr. Ian Luttrell 1998
  Mrs. Robin Thomson 1999
  Mrs. Cheryl McGuinness 2000
   Matthew Prichard 2000
  Mrs. Trish Gruschow 2001
  Mr. Murray Hudson 2001
   Chris Pennell 2001
   Megan Thomson 2001
   Scott James 2003
  Mrs. Bev James 2003
  Mr. Keith James 2003
  Mrs. Lindy Naylor 2003
  Mr. Tony Ross 2005
  Mrs. Linda Pye 2006
  Mrs. Kathy Bryant 2007
  Mrs. Liz McJorrow 2007
  Mr. Holona Lui 2015
   Paula Watson 2015
   Kirsten Kirkules 2016
   Sharon Leach 2016
   Rory McJorrow 2016
   Carol Hogwood 2017
 Certificate of AppreciationMr. Tony Ross 2003
  Mr. Steve Flaunty 2005
  Mr. Holona Lui 2006
  Mrs. Liz McJorrow 2006
  Mr. Perry Nicol 2006
   Suzanne McGuinness 2007
  Mrs. Linda Morrison 2007
  Mrs. Anne-Marie Morrison 2007
  Mr. Brian Morrison 2007
  Mrs. Tracey Wairau 2007
  Mr. Holona Lui 2008
  Mrs. Sandy Stewart 2008
   Elizabeth Elder (Deceased)2011
   Rob Harvey 2011
   Paula Watson 2011
   Serena Charleton 2016
   Deborah Dwyer 2016
   Jane Sharkey 2016
Wellington Water Polo Board AwardsWWPB Life MemberMr. Roger Robins QSM (Deceased)1971
  Mrs. Shirley Barrett 1998
 WWPB Honours AwardMr. Knocker White (Deceased)1985
  Mrs. Evelyn Jackson (Deceased)1990
  Mrs. Shirley Barrett 1994
  Mrs. Glenis Doherty 1994
 WWPB Service AwardMrs. Shirley Barrett 1984
  Mrs. Evelyn Jackson (Deceased)1984
  Mr. Con Abbott 1988
  Mr. Chris Crawford 1988
  Mrs. Glenis Doherty 1990
   Liz Burman 1991
  Mr. Rex Freear (Deceased)1994
   Craig McGuinness 1996
   Suzanne McGuinness 1996
New Zealand Honours AwardsNZWPA Life Member Liz Burman 2006
   Craig McGuinness 2017
 NZWPA Honours Award Liz Burman 2001
  Mrs. Lindy Naylor 2015
 NZWPA Service AwardMrs. Evelyn Jackson (Deceased)1990
  Mrs. Shirley Barrett 1994
  Mrs. Glenis Doherty 1994
   Liz Burman 1998
   Glenn Benge 2001
  Mrs. Cheryl McGuinness 2013

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